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To my dearest Friends Mel and Faye  / Richard Lungi (Friend of the family )

We are so sorry for your loss, we could never say anything to ease your pain, so I am praying to the Lord and asking Him to send His guiding angels to comfort you. We have become such good friends, one day we will all meet in paradise and we will rejoice together with the Lord.

A wonderful nephew  / Carl Rosenthal (Uncle)
I will always cherish your memory.

Uncle Carl
We were so lucky to have known Larry.....  / Kathy Wolfe (Friend)

Dear Faye & Mel

I remember Larry when he was in school.  He had such potential and though he went far in life I have no doubt he would have gone much further. All anyone had to do was mention his name and your face just lit up so bright.  We could feel the love and pride that you have for him radiating from every part of your body.

There are no words and it makes no sense as to why he was taken so early.  I guess GOD wanted him as much as you did and who could blame him? I can think of no better compliment to give Larry than this.

I visit this sight quite often and my heart breaks for you each time.  He was such a gift to this earth.

I love you both and will remain your friend throughout our lives.


Mr. / Carl Rosenthal (Uncle)
I will always miss and never forger my warmhearted and gifted nephew.

Uncle Carl
Sorry for your loss  / Christina MacMullen (Friend from High School )
To the family of Larry I am so sorry to hear about your loss. At our High school reunion this weekend there was a beautiful memorial in honor of Larry. Our thoughts are with him and I will always remember his smiling face sitting in class! He was a very upstanding young man
My deepest sympathy.....  / Gina Smith-Riczko (friend from school )
I am so sorry for your loss. Larry was a GREAT person and friend. He was always so happy. We were in middle and high school together. My deepest sympathy. A wonderful person and friend who was taken away too soon.
Hugs Faye.  / Lisa Ross

Faye. I love this wonderful memorial you have created for your loving son. We will never forget Larry. It is so apparent how loved and happy he was. His smile was contagious. He had such a wonderul smile with the most gorgeous white teeth I ever seen. his face glowed from happiness and love. I can tell he was raised with so much love, it certainly shows in his eyes.

Hugs and thanks for sharing your " treasure " with me. He was so special and I am so sorry for your loss.

Hugs, and tears for you, Love Lisa Ross

THINKING OF YOU  / Deanna Fernandez (NO)
Such A Precious Angel.  / Joan Taylor (None)

Dear Faye, You have done such a very beautiful tribute for your beautiful son Larry, My heart and prayers are with you and your family Faye, Larry is watching over you today and always, and one day Faye you will be with Larry when God comes to take you home with him, then you will be together for ever with The Lord. I hope that your Larry has met my baby brother Robert who died just 3 days old. Faye a little message for your Larry now. Sweet Larry always me so near to your lovely Mom she needs you to be near to her all the time, She loves and misses you so very much, Larry send down lots of Angel Kisses for your Mom, Larry you fly high has you can in that beautiful Kingdom Above, I am sending so much love up to Heaven to a Precious Angel, GOOD NIGHT AND GOD BLESS YOU LARRY, And I am sending so much love and many hugs to you Faye. Dear Faye if you wish to visit my beautiful Kitty Tibby here is Tibbys Link,  Takecare always Faye, Love from Joan Taylor England xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.



thinking of you  / Assia Mom To Wasim

Dear Faye Im so sorry for your loss sweety.. so sudden hun.. of course it was a shock. no warning signs nothing.. This is so close to how i lost my wasim, so many miles from home.. then the phone call.. my God... this broke my heart to read your post.. My deepest condolences.. such a handsome young man. Oh Faye how i wish my son was buried here in the UK near me,where i could visit him... had he got that flight that day.. as he was due to fly that day, he would of passed away on the flight.. but at least he would of been with me here at home.. and they would never of been able to take him away from me and bury him over there.... My heart go's out to you faye... I feel your pain... Your son is always watching over you and will be waiting for his sweet  mom that day... when you join him, he will greet you at the gates of Heaven and give you all the hugs you miss today.. God Bless you Faye and your family .

Assia mom to wasim Hugs xxxx

Precious Larry  / Brenda Clark

Happy Easter Larry....

Faye...I was thinking about many memories of Easter egg hunts and our kids and wanted to visit.  Looking at Larry's pictures bought a smile as I could see how very loved he is...such a cute smile.

Love You,


Mindy's Mom

Sympathy from a Stranger  / Mike Sharkey (None)
I stumbled upon your website and was moved to tears.  In 2003, there was an outbreak of bacterial meningitis in Chicago which took 3 people and left my best friend gravely ill for a month.  I am so sorry for your loss and I hope these words provide some level of comfort.  Know that a perfect stranger in Chicago feels deeply for you and your family. 

From your website I get the sense that your son was a handsome, successful and loving person.  I hope that you've been able to find peace since Larry's passing.

Thinking of you  / Dottie Angel Mom To Matthew Hagan ^i^ (Angel Friend )

Just a note to tell you that I haven't forgotten you. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Hugs to you and Wishing you a gentle Valentines day.

Love mattsmomma



I know your pain.  / Dottie Angel Mom To Matthew Hagan ^i^ (visitor, and friend )
I know your pain. It is so sad to lose some one so dear to us. Your son was an amazing person.
God does send miracles. This little fellow would not leave my hand. He was just as happy as could be to stay right there with me, I was in my son's memorial garden filling the feeders for the birds when he came to me. I guess it was God's way of saying that everything is ok. I am so sorry you have to go through this pain that not so many know. People can be cruel. Know you have a friend here.

God Bless you and keep you till we all meet again.
Love Dottie Mattsmomma
Condolences / Cindy White (MCLG)
Larry, you are such a handsome Angel. To Larry's family and friends many thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.
Lots of love and hugs,
Angel Ashley's Mommy  / Teri Knight
Larry is such a handsome angel.  I noticed his birthday is one day before my Ashley's.  Dec. babies are so special.  Thank you for sharing such a wonderful young man with all of us.  Angel HUGS from Ashley
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