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Blessing and peace to you...  / Carol MIKESMOMRS (MCLG)
Faye:  I couldn't view the slideshow so thought I would sign in on Larry's site and wish you a peaceful day with his love surrounding you throughout.
love and peace,
With understanding and sympathy.  / Linda O'Neil
Dear Faye, Losing a child is the worst possible thing that can happen to a parent.

 May your raw pain be replaced with warm memories.

Celebration of a life...  / Meri Reed (Friend of Parents )
Faye and Mel, this tribute is as special as the two of you are and I have no question with such parents that Larry was very deeply loved and grew into a caring and compassionate man.  Very deepest thoughts and love to both of you.
Jesus cares for you  / Martha Baker (none)
I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you. I will be glad when this life is over and we can share again with our loved ones. My daughter survived, but I am anxious to see all the HBA's. Martha MOM of eba Sherry Lopez
Faye / Mona Cyr Bourgoin (Heavenly buddy )

Larry is such a handsome young man and seemed to be so full of life. You must of been so proud of him. He has touched the lives of many and he is continuing to do so. You have done an absolutely wonderful job with Larry's site. He is so proud of you. Mona
In memory of Larry  / Sheila Wright
Dearest Faye,
I found this site in memory of Larry while searching for information on helping with the grief process.  When I saw that Larry passed away from bacteria meningitis I quickly open the site.  I immediately began to cry with the sound of Josh Grobens song, "to where you are".  This song is one that I associate with the loss of my beautiful daughter Amber.  She too, passed away from bacterial meningitis.  So quickly they were gone from our physical lives.  I am so sorry for your loss.  My heart is saddened.  Larry is watching over you.  Your grief process will be a long journey, but know that Larry is with you.
The tribute to him is beautiful.
God Bless  / Lori Hopps (Friend)
My name is Lori and I have a 4 year old daughter who was dibilitated by meningitis. I will keep you in my prayers and God Bless you and yours!
For Faye  / Frankie Milley
Faye, Just remember as long as your heart beats Larry will  be loved and never forgotten . 
We will see our boys again.

For more information meningitis please visit
swish this disease would go away  / Sherry Lopez (none)
My name is Sherry Lopez I am a meningitis survivor. I'm so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for the family.
Precious Son  / Brenda Clark (Mom's HHH friend )
Larry is such a good looking young man and I know he will always be your baby. We'll never understand why God takes the best first...I know our kids are in heaven together and watching over us. You have create a wonderful tribute to Larry and I know he is very proud of you, his dear Mother.
Remember, each day we are one day closer to being with our child once again.
Blessings and Love,
Mindy's Mom
Thinking of you and Larry today.  / Angie Satterthwaite Rebecca's Mommy (Friend of Mom )

May you always feel close to your Larry, What a handsome guy!
I am so sorry and thank you  / Marie Colicchia (a friend )
Dear faye I want to thank you for your concern about Patrick and me when you are greiving yourself and know how it feels My love goes out to you and may god bless you Hugs Marie Colicchia
No words  / Michele Bolt
It is a most wonderful tribute to such a handsome and successful young man.  With so much to offer the world. I'll never understand why God takes the best of us.  Michele (Jimi's mom)
Thinking of you  / Elizabeth, Kylie's Mom

Dear Larry's Family,

What a beautiful tribute you have created for Larry.  Your love shines through.

Love and hugs, 

Elizabeth, Kylie's mom

Prayers and thoughts are with you  / Donna (Jason's Mom)
Dearest Faye:
I wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and your precious Larry!
How very much all of us lost when we lost our children but what a greater loss for this world that our children aren't in  it to contribute so much they had to give!
hugs and love
Donna (Jasons' mom)
Thinking Of You  / Dottie Tammie's Mom (Mom's Friend )
Dear Faye and family, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Larry. It really never makes sence why we lose them way too soon. This is a beautiful tribute and Memorial to your handsome son. Please know you are always close to my heart, From one broken hearted Mom to Another, Dottie
I am so sorry...  / Ellen-Travis's Mom (Griefnet)
Faye:  I am so sorry for your loss.  Larry was very successful for such a young age.  It just doesn't make sense why these things happen.  I hope building this site was healing for you.  I know it was for me when I built one for Travis.
Thinking of you today  / Sy Rodriguez   Read >>
Thinking of you today  / Sy Rodriguez
Faye, thinking of you today and hoping your day is peaceful and graced with happy memories. Sending love and hoping thou feel his peace through this difficult day. Close
To Larry  / Christine Ross   Read >>
To Larry  / Christine Ross
Thinking of you Larry. Please give Luke a hug for me. Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001 ~ May the force be with you..... ~ Close
Thinking about Larry  / Debby McNamara (high school friend )  Read >>
Thinking about Larry  / Debby McNamara (high school friend )

Larry is on my mind today.  I still can't believe this happened to him.  He was a smart, funny, happy person and didn't deserve to have his life cut so short.

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